Closing Day

Closing day. You don’t have to go home because your new home is here (sung in my head to tune of Closing Time by Semisonic).

Yes, that is what went through my head all day on Monday, when we closed on our new house!!!

We had a few hiccups with work that was supposed to be done by the contractor before we closed, but everything got sorted out. The whole thing was very surreal.

Monday night my dad and I went to pick up a free couch, which meant he and I carrying a sleeper sofa out the basement door and up a snowy hill in the yard of a stranger. Everyone was really impressed with my amazing strength, but I woke up Tuesday morning feeling like I had been worked over with a baseball bat. So. Anyways. We got the couch and then mom, dad and I drove it to the new house, where Dan was waiting, since it is so close to his office!

We got it moved in and looks great. We showed Dad the place and had a few beers. All in all, a pretty nice evening.

Yesterday, Mom and I went over in the afternoon and I made her cover all of the shelves in the kitchen cabinets with shelf paper, because I knew neither Dan nor I had the required coordination or patience for the task. Today will be me doing another carload. The big move with the van will be on Saturday.  And as of Sunday, we will be officially moved in (we hope)!

Stay tuned for photos and updates!